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Sanary-sur-Mer and Ollioules

Larger View of Sanary-sur-Mer and Ollioules Area


An unique place on the Provence coast, is the little fishing town of Sanary-sur-mer. Its climate, location, history, culture and lifestyle make it an ideal choice to start discovering the coast of Provence.

Sanary – Facts of interest

  • Greeks and romans had trading posts in the gulfs around Sanary-sur-mer. The surrounding beaches are rich in archeological vestiges and ruins (i.e:Port Issol)
  • Intellectual and artists took refuge in Sanary-sur-mer between 1st and 2nd world wars – B. Brecht, T. Mann… lived in still existing houses in Sanary-sur-mer. Other famous anglo-saxon writers have spent time in Sanary. Amoung them, Aldous Huxley who wrote Brave New World (1932) in 4 months in La Gorguette area in Sanary-sur-mer
  • Sanary is considered as the birth place of modern scuba diving and underwater movies. F. Dumas, P. Tailliez and J.Y Cousteau, also known as 'Mousquemers', experimented modern scuba diving equipment and made famous underwater movies in the sea around Sanary-sur-mer (Port Issol, Bandol bay).
  • Sanary-sur-mer is known for its unique wooden fishing boats
  • Some of the eldest wineyeards (dating from roman empire) can be found in Bandol, Le Beausset, … few miles west of Sanary-sur-mer.

Sanary-sur-mer Resources

Official site of the city of Sanary-sur-mer (French)
Tourist and general information (French)
Sanary-sur-mer local information (French)
Sanary-sur-mer history (French)
Frederic Dumas Historical Diving Museum 
Fontvive – Village of bungalows in Sanary
Sanary-sur-mer accommodations
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Sanary-sur-mer Local Links

AGORA community organization (French)
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“Le Rosaire” Tennis Club (French)


Ollioules web portal (French)
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